Philip Lynch
Director, International Service for Human Rights
Philip Lynch

The promotion and protection of gender equality and gender diversity are key goals for ISHR and the many inspiring women human rights defenders with whom we work. Exclusion or discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity is a violation of fundamental human rights and a denial of human dignity and potential. That’s why I’m delighted and committed to be an International Gender Champion. Besides, there’s nothing more boring than a bunch of all-male talking heads.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Promote gender diversity in senior management positions, aiming that 50% of Board and Senior Management Team positions are held by women and guaranteeing that at least 40% of such positions are held by women. Promote and enable flexible work arrangements, including through the effective implementation of an organisational policy on flexible working arrangements.

  • Champion the vital work of women human rights defenders to promote peace, justice and equality in their communities and our world. Consistently highlight the ways in which power, privilege, prejudice and patriarchy operate to subvert women's rights and consistently advocate for women human rights defenders to be free and safe from threats, risks and restriction, including arbitrary detention. Ensure that the particular situation, risks and needs of women human rights defenders are reflected in all relevant resolutions, laws, policies and practices on which we work.