In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Conduct 1 seminar on gender-related policies, attitudes and unconscious gender-career bias for all our staff at the Mission of Switzerland

Organize 3 gender related events in 2019

Qatari delegations to formal or informal UN conferences, committees and high-level events to include women. Capacity building support to women delegates.

Create at least 1 new aspirational program or event to help bring men into the greater gender equality movement as valued allies and fellow champions; augmenting Women@TheTable’s core work supporting and celebrating women and women’s groups who do ground-breaking heroic work bringing systemic change.

Create two new academia, or private sector, initiatives to strengthen our inclusive international community and focused on catalyzing systems change.

Make IPU Assemblies ever more gender-responsive, including by: a) Ensuring that at least 30% of participants in IPU Assemblies are women and that all decision-making structures of the IPU reach 40% by 2020; b) Continuing to organize yearly “Parity Debates” during IPU Assemblies, where there is gender parity on the panel and gender balance among participants; c) Starting a consultative process in 2019 to develop a framework for promoting a sexism-free and harassment-free environment at IPU Assemblies.

Step up efforts to ensure that gender equality is part and parcel of the IPU's work and functioning, including by: a) Operationalising a gender mainstreaming tool for all programmes of support to parliaments by 2019; b) Carrying out an assessment of the work environment at the IPU from a gender perspective in 2019; and c) Continuing to track and publicly report on the gender composition of all panels that the IPU organises at regional and international meetings.

Ensure there is a gender-balanced composition of DGACM staffing to service conference and meetings away from headquarters (excluding language staff).

Champion gender equality internally and externally by taking at least two speaking engagements per year, including events organized by DGACM and external events.

Systematically give consideration to the inclusion of gender equality and women's empowerment issues in all statements and interventions made at the United Nations.