Anne-Sophie Lois
UN Representative and Head of Office, Plan International United Nations Office in Geneva
Anne-Sophie Lois

I believe that gender equality is central to achieving long-term change'. At Plan International, we have a vision of a world that values girls, promotes their rights and ends injustice. In line with this strong commitment, we at the Plan International United Nations Office in Geneva are conducting advocacy activities aimed at ensuring that girls everywhere can learnleaddecide and thrive. We are committed to making gender equality a reality not only in our external influencing work and programming but also in our internal ways of working. Being part of the International Gender Champions Network represents an additional opportunity for our Office to contribute to this important issue and truly 'walk the talk'.


I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Consistently advocate for the inclusion of strong and progressive language on gender, age and diversity in human rights and humanitarian policy documents and debates at the UN

  • All staff members of the Plan International UN Office in Geneva will be required to complete a training on gender transformative influencing and to integrate the learnings in their work by December 2019