We have a long way to go. Mindsets and institutions have to be changed in order to surmount the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Systems Change

In consultation with our Global Advisory Board, Impact Groups focus on a specific topic for systems change across a sector. Founded in Geneva, and expanding to other multilateral hubs in New York, Vienna, and Nairobi, IGC is uniquely placed

  • to leverage trade, standards, disarmament, security, health, human rights, humanitarian action, technology, law, science, innovation and policy with close connections to, and operative engagement in, the field
  • as a multi-stakeholder network that can break down silos between missions, international organisations, civil society, business and the private sector, and academic research centres


Tackling the Issues

Impact Groups are co-chaired by Champion Ambassadors and Heads and Directors of International Organizations.

Each Impact Group

  • identifies ‘gender blind spots or opportunities’
  • develops 3 strategic objectives to make policy, programs and practice gender fluent
  • drafts an action plan that calls for the dissemination and dialogue on research or best practices, pilot programs, collaborations, or other ways to operationalize gender equality objectives into a given context.

Aim: Tangible measures to be exchanged across our worldwide network.

Fostering Collaboration

Champions attend the Impact Groups themselves, and send technical expert decision-makers on the topics at hand to interact with the Impact Group. Academic community, experts, and civil society are routinely asked for global best practice, research and expertise.