We have a long way to go. Mindsets and institutions have to be changed in order to surmount the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Systems Change

In consultation with our Global Advisory Board, Impact Groups focus on a specific topic for systems change across a sector. Founded in Geneva, and expanding to other multilateral hubs in New York, Vienna, and Nairobi, IGC is uniquely placed

  • to leverage trade, standards, disarmament, security, health, human rights, humanitarian action, technology, law, science, innovation and policy with close connections to, and operative engagement in, the field
  • as a multi-stakeholder network that can break down silos between missions, international organisations, civil society, business and the private sector, and academic research centres

Tackling the Issues

Impact Groups are co-chaired by Champion Ambassadors and Heads and Directors of International Organizations.

Each Impact Group

  • identifies ‘gender blind spots or opportunities’
  • develops 3 strategic objectives to make policy, programs and practice gender fluent
  • drafts an action plan that calls for the dissemination and dialogue on research or best practices, pilot programs, collaborations, or other ways to operationalize gender equality objectives into a given context.

Aim: Tangible measures to be exchanged across our worldwide network.

Fostering Collaboration

Champions attend the Impact Groups themselves, and send technical expert decision-makers on the topics at hand to interact with the Impact Group. Academic community, experts, and civil society are routinely asked for global best practice, research and expertise. 

In order to streamline the groups into areas where IGC can bring the most expertise, and catalyze a more largely defined canvas of activity, we hope that each IGC Hub will establish one of the following two Impact Groups in order to maximize work being done across the network with shared best practice and active collaboration: 

  1. Representation
  2. Change Management