Heinz Walker-Nederkoorn
Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Embassy of Switzerland to The Netherlands
Heinz Walker-Nederkoorn

Looking at the hard-earned achievements in gender equality, it is fair to say that they are mainly the result of women's engagement. Men, individually and collectively, can and should do more to contribute their vital share in order to achieve gender equality. For me, the IGC Initiative is the perfect platform to walk the walk.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Discuss options to improve work-life balance at the Embassy based on the results of an internal survey and implement concrete measures

  • Conduct a three-part workshop with business school students of a university in the Netherlands to share their views on different leadership concepts with respect to their compatibility to gender equality. Part A: discussion with female students, Part B: discussion with male students, Part C: discussion of outcome of Part A and B with all participants.