Nazhat Shameem Khan
Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Fiji to the United Nations in Geneva
Nazhat Shameem Khan

As a woman in a male-dominated and patriarchal society, I know that invisible barriers often disempower women and prevent them from fulfilling their potential. These barriers can be legal, they can be institutional, and they can be cultural. However, all these barriers are reflections of fundamental attitudinal barriers, created by social norms and perpetuated by value systems. We do not question the validity of these norms enough. We can have the best Constitutional and legal guarantees of gender equality in the world (and Fiji has such guarantees), but until you understand how our minds prevent equality in practice, we will make no progress at all. It is for all men and women who recognise that gender inequality requires special sensitivity and competence to eradicate, to champion such eradication. Thus the need for the International Gender Champions. I am proud to be one.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • I commit to gender equality and the more effective representation of women in climate action and climate governance through the Gender Action Plan adopted at COP 23.

  • I commit to ensuring that a sexual harassment in the work place training is provided to all staff at the Geneva Mission.