Paris Peace Forum: IGC presents its achievements a year after its selection as an innovative project

At the first edition of the Paris Peace Forum in 2018, the International Gender Champions (IGC) initiative was selected as one of the ten winning projects for innovative governance, out of over a thousand applications.

Recognising that the global challenges we face today ignore borders and that collaboration is becoming increasingly difficult as countries turns inwards, the Paris Peace Forum seeks to bridge the governance gap and foster international cooperation and collective action.

More specifically, the Forum’s mission is to showcase and give a platform to concrete governance solutions and projects that are making a difference.

The selection of the IGC initiative demonstrated that the gender gap is a top priority. Gender equality is a precondition for building good governance, achieving peace and realising sustainable development. Indeed, it is a better predictor of peace than a country’s GDP or economy and at the same time drives economic growth, stability and resilience.

A year later, the IGC initiative will be expanding to Paris and the newest hub will be launched with the exceptional participation of President Emmanuel Macron.  A panel discussion with the IGC’s co-founder and some of its newest members will follow. 

The IGC will be featured in the Paris Peace Forum’s Space for Achievements from 11 to 13 November 2019 and the IGC Secretariat will present the network’s achievements during a pitch on 13 November 2019 at 12:00 (in pitch zone 3).